Shipping and Transport

Moore Global has been associated with the shipping industry for over 70 years. We are therefore in a unique position to provide a comprehensive and confidential range of specialist business development and traditional support services to the industry In our long association with the shipping industry, we have accumulated an
unparalleled depth of knowledge and breadth of worldwide experience, and with member firms in all of the principal shipping locations throughout the globe, we are able to provide a truly international service to clients.

Clients range from single vessel owners to large multinational corporations, and include not only ship owners but brokers, ship managers, port operators and logistics businesses, with offices from Southampton to Sasebo! But key to Moore Global's success is people: dedicated experts who have worked both for and within the
maritime industry.

The transport and logistics sector is constantly changing and is impacted by the shifting sands of regulatory frameworks in various jurisdictions, technological developments and the general economic health of the marketplace.

Our member firms expertise help mitigate financial, operational, and regulatory risks arising from such a challenging environment Transport and logistic specialists operate throughout the network, providing
specific advice to privately-owned and listed businesses.