Audit and Assurance

At Moore JVB LLP, our goal is to provide excellent service that conforms to high standards of professional competence, independence and uphold confidentiality. We offer assurance services focused on specific management needs. Audit efficiency and timely preparation of financial statements are the cornerstones of our assurance services.

Our audit approach is flexible to ensure our client’s needs are met as well as obtaining sufficient appropriate evidence to form an opinion and starts with in-depth understanding of the industry in which our clients operate and what is happening in such markets. We understand our client’s strategies and business objectives, and then work through the organization, its internal controls, its compliance with laws and regulations governing the operation, its reporting requirement to both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that financial reports and related non-financial information properly reflect the performance on the company.

As required by Companies Act CAP 486 and International Standards on Auditing, Financial statements attestation includes:

Group audits- all functions as set out below, and consolidated Accounts preparation as required by International Financial Reporting Standards.

Examining and reporting on financial statements presented by directors. This includes detailed planning, field-work on site or in-house, as agreed, meetings with directors and financial controllers to discuss and report on companies’ weaknesses and strengths

Reviewing companies’ systems of accounting and internal control and reporting thereon
Reporting to members on the state of the company’s affairs
Preparing and submitting statutory accounts.
Preparing a detailed management letter highlighting the weaknesses noted; material weaknesses affecting the audit opinion is reported to those charged with governance.

Our team includes experienced professionals in such areas as forensics, tax, information risk management and valuation, providing them with a broad understanding of an organization, and enabling teams to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls, and potential fraud.

Major audit and assurance services include:

Statutory audit
Non-statutory audit
Preparation of statutory financial statements
Internal audit
Non-Financial audit services
Information Technology (IT) audit

Moore JVB LLP mainly focuses on the following major industries: manufacturing, mining and minerals, farms, tourism, technology, communications and entertainment, energy (mainly oil industry), industrial products, retailing and consumer products, health services, other services, transportation, real estate, hospitality, financial services, construction, pharmaceuticals, and Non-Governmental Organizations. Regionally, the Company focuses on group tax services and consultancy.

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