Strategic Solution (internal audit and risk management function)

There is an increasing demand for an independent management team to oversee management of companies’ control systems to avoid fraud through collusion, including:

  • Companies’ compliance with all the International Accounting Standards.
  • Reviewing Accounting systems and internal controls
  • Drafting relevant audit programmes for each line of control.
  • Examining financial and operating information form management
  • Audit of the internal control system
  • Identification and verification of the audit trail
  • Substantive based Balance Sheet audit  and Profit and loss audit
  • Inventories audit
  • Internal audit reporting and certificates- Drafting a standard report, which will be submitted to management, on all work carried out.
  • Drafting a list of all the management assurances and representations relied on, together with the management signatures once the list is filled.
  • Liaising with external auditors
  • Operational and outsourcing solutions